Garage door systems in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire
  • Available as an insulated or non-insulated door.
    A brilliant solution for access to your garage or any outside building.
  • Steel Construction
    Corrosion protected steel adds strength ensuring many years of use

  • Perfect Fit
    Available in standard sizes these doors can also be made to your specifications

  • Secure 3 Pin Dead Bolt Locking
    Robust, stainless steel door lock handles provide extra security and are manufactured to a high standard

  • 4 Styles & 9 Colour Options
    Plenty of styles to complement your garage door or style of your home.

  • Dependable Warranties
    Durapass comes with 2 year residential or 1 year commercial warranty


    The brilliantly clever design presents a perfect face
    Clever design keeps the face of DuraPass doors free from rivets and welds, eliminating corrosion stain from fixings. Just one of the features that makes DuraPass a true innovation!


    All DuraPass doors are pre-framed and feature 4 x stainless steel hinges (security pinned hinges top & bottom). Robust stainless steel lock handles and are manufactured to a high standard.


  • A brilliant Side-Hinged Garage Door

    • Patented, innovation award winning design
    • Factory finished colours and foil wood effects
    • Robust 3 pin dead bolt locking as standard
    • Doors are pre-framed with 4 stainless steel hinges ( security pinned hinges top & bottom) and spot riveted with stainless steel rivets for extra strength.
    • Inward or outward opening versions
    • Supplied with 3 keys as standard
    • Replacement keys can be duplicated from a standard blank at any locksmith
    • Q-Lon draught seal runs around the inside of the doorframe and also helps to prevent ingress of water
    • Low-profile threshold makes it easy to move any wheeled item in or out
    • Comprehensive Warranties and safety CE marked
    • The perfect fit for your home – made to measure to your exact requirements

  • Profile Design

    The 44mm insulated door has a sandwich construction of twin corrosion protected steel skins filled with an insulating core. The rear of the door panel is finished in an off-white light reflecting finish.

  • Your Colour Options

    The strong, corrosion protected, exterior grade steel is factory coated to give a high-grade durable surface in a choice of finishes.

  • Windows

    Add a touch of individual style with our glazing options.

    Windows are available assembled with clear or wired toughened safety glass (Glass ABS 6206: 1981)



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